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Trees for Cities

PM Bennison Heating Ltd is a proud sponsor of www.Treesforcities.org and for every high efficiency Worcester Bosch boiler we install we will be making a donation so that a tree can be planted to improve the local environment.

Phoenix Estate Athelney Ruskin Park Community Planting Event

Worcester Bosch accredited installer, Peter Bennison, says "It's really nice to have a way to 'give something back' to the local area and a positive way to support a great community charity."

Trees for Cities is an independent charity, which inspires people to plant and love trees worldwide. Set up as Trees for London in 1993, Trees for Cities’ aim is to create social cohesion and beautify cities through tree planting, community-led design, education and training initiatives in urban areas that need it most, managing projects throughout the UK as well as internationally, with work in deprived areas of cities.

Corner of Overdown and Southend Lane Ruskin Park Community Planting Day 1

As www.TreesForCities.org say, "Community-led design is an integral part of our landscaping projects. Involving local residents, schools and community groups helps ensure the sustainability of green spaces."